Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Slowly, I opened my eyes to a fresh summer morning. My holidays had finally begun. I walked down to the breakfast room. Mom and Dad were not there. On the counter was a note:

Dear Tara,

Your uncle is ill. Dad and I are going to visit him. Take care. We will be back on Sunday.



Home Alone! I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy! Deciding to help myself to some cereal I headed to the kitchen counter. Next to the cereal box was small red bottle. Written on it in bold letters was ‘Shrinking Potion’! My curiosity took the better of me and I decided to sample some. ONLY TWO TEASPOONS AT A TIME, it said. I took out my favorite spoon and carefully poured it out on the spoon. It was a yucky green color. I shut my nose and gulped it down. Next thing I know, I fainted. When I opened my eyes I realized I was under the kitchen table…me, a tiny speck. The table and the house seemed enormous! Along the kitchen wall I saw a black dot on the wall. Must be Toto, my dog and his dirty paws, I thought. But as I ventured closer – and it seemed forever to reach that wall I discovered it was an ant.

“Hello, I am Tara, who are you?” I asked tentatively.

“Hi!,” replied the ant. I am Truger. “I am searching for food for my family. We haven’t eaten in days ever since the kitchen has been cleaned. Can you help? “

“Hmmm, lets see, how many people are there in your family?”

“There are about 70-80 of us.”

“Wow! That’s a lot! My family it’s the three of us and my dog, Toto. How will you carry all the food?” I asked.

“Well, if you don’t mind, can you come to my house to fetch some of my family members who will help me carry the food?”

I agreed readily as he led me to through a tiny crack, all the way to the store room. Behind an old box was Trugers home. It was dim and water was leaking from the ceiling. Everyone treated me like a royal guest. Truger explained the plan to everyone and we set out again. I led Truger and his family to the kitchen. Pausing, I thought for a moment. I knew it! Sweet food! That’s what they love. I went to the cupboard where Mom stores sugar, jams and stuff. I pulled out my favorite orange marmalade and raspberry jam bottles and opened them. Truger was super thrilled. That was more than a year’s stock of food for them. Everyone was happy. Just then I heard a voice “ Get up quick Tara! You are going to be late for school on the first day itself.”

It was Mom! So, after all, it was all a dream. No shrinking potion and no being home alone.


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