Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Shrinking Potion

Hello all, A very Happy New Year. Here is our 1st blog post for 2013. Our brief was to use the following sentence in our story and take it on from there. 'The label on the jar said, "Shrinking Potion". I didn't believe it would actually work........'

David was a small boy. Whenever he saw someone doing a wrong thing, he felt like setting things right but alas, he was unable to do so as he was very small. One day, while wandering, he tripped over a rock which rolled over. To his surprise, he saw a bottle that read “Shrinking Potion”. He read the label carefully  - it said that anyone drinking two drops of this potion would become as tiny as ant for one hour and would thereafter, regain the original size.  He thought that this was a prank and would not work. Nonetheless, he tried some and whoosh…..

He felt that the trees around and grass beneath his feet were growing taller and taller. Poor David didn’t realize that it was he who was growing smaller and smaller…. in fact, he had become as small as an ant.

On his way back, he saw some hoodlums trying to snatch money from an old man. David conveniently went up to the leader, held on to the hem of his pant and climbed up till he reached his ears. Then he promptly clamped his teeth on to the man’s ears. The air reverberated with his scream and he started rubbing his ear. Undeterred, David now attacked his other ear and then proceeded to pull his hair with all his strength. The poor hoodlum never realized what hit him but decided that something was very strange. He gathered all his accomplices and fled. David managed to jump off him, just in time.

From then on, David made it a practice to use the shrinking potion whenever he saw someone engaging in some wrong-doing. Soon word spread that anyone engaging in wrong-doing experienced strange biting and hair pulling sensations but no one could get to the bottom of the mystery. Could you??

~ By Varenya

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