Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Real Fantasy World


It was a hot and sunny day. Tara was relaxing in the cool water when she saw the devil of the sea, the sea dragon, Dragonstine. With a spiky skin and a smell worse than the Bombil fish strung out to dry in Bandra, he was a creature that could live on land and water. Making snorting sounds Dragonstine moved swiftly towards Tara. She tried to escape but he was just faster than her. Very quickly, he sprayed a liquid on Tara that smelt worse than rotten eggs. Tara fainted.

When she woke up she found herself on the floor of the sea. It was dark and lonely place. There was big seaweed growing everywhere. At a distance she saw a bright white light. She squinted. As the light came closer she realized it was a scuba diver. She knew this was her chance to save herself and her home. She vigorously wagged her rainbow colored tail. The tail acted like a reflector and soon got the attention of the scuba diver. She let out a tiny yelp.

“Hey, What are you doing here? Who are you?”, asked the man.

“I am Tara, and am caught in the dragons lair”, replied Tara.
“But who are you?”

“I am Jack, a marine life photographer. I work with the National Geographic”, replied the man.

“Great!, Can you please help?”, said Tara.

“Why, what happened?”, asked Jack.

“My home, way on the other side of the ocean has oil, lots of oil. You know, what you call petrol and diesel and that runs your vehicles. Nasty Dragonstine works for an oil company called OILGET. Since he can live on land and water, they hired him to lead them to the oil in the sea. And whenever he finds the oil, he makes us all who live there vacate our homes”, explained Tara.

“Oh My God!, Let me see what I can do. Hmmm, Can I take pictures of you so that I can share with my team? We will talk to this company and sort it out. Don’t worry.”, assured Jack.

“Yes, you can take pictures,” said Tara enthusiastically. I love this plan!

After taking a few pictures Jack swam to the shore waving a goodbye to Tara.

Back home, Jack showed the photos to his team. They went and talked to OILGET. At first no one agreed. But once Jack and his team threatened to publish the story in the magazine with the photos as proof, OILGET gave in. The punishment was to return everything that OILGET had ever taken from the sea and never to do such a thing again. Also Dragonstine had to be fired and Tara had to be freed.

Next day, they all set out to find and free Tara. Once out of the lair, Tara decided to thank Jack by taking him to the best places for taking photos of marine life. Thereafter, she lived a happy marine life!

by Ira


  1. I like your story it is a exicititing plot and we like the bit with dragons and coo characters.

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