Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Real Fantasy World

Our prompt for this blog post was to write a fantasy story keeping in mind the following statement, "There was once a bewildered mermaid who escapes from a dragon’s lair. This was our home assignment and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Annie and Jack stayed in a village next to a sparkling river and dense forest. One day, they were playing hide and seek and wandered deep into the forest. Suddenly, they found themselves sliding down some soft mud and fell in the river. They were swept away by a strong current and landed on hard ground with a thud. They found themselves staring into ferocious eyes. They jumped back in horror and realized that they were staring at a “DRAGON”!! They rubbed their eyes and looked around and saw that they were in some kind of an underwater lair.
The dragon snorted, “I have two slaves now who will do all my work”. He tied a chain around their legs so that they could only shuffle. He gave them a long list of tasks to do and went out. Poor Annie and Jack…. They had never worked so hard all their life. They scrubbed and cleaned and washed and swept and cooked but the work did not seem to end.
In the midst of this, they saw a light and went towards it timidly. They saw a beautiful fairy tied to a pillar. The fairy told them that the dragon wanted her to make him very powerful through her magic but when she refused, he tied her there. Annie and Jack asked the fairy how they could escape. She said, “The dragon’s life is in a small doll. As soon as you destroy that doll, the dragon will also get vanquished”. Annie shouted excitedly, “Where is that doll?”. The fairy said, “It is in this lair, but I do not know where”. They said, “How can we search for it? We are tied and it is difficult to move.” The fairy smiled and recited a chant and they felt their legs getting squeezed and found that they had turned into a mermaid and merman !!
The chains slipped off their bodies and they could easily float. Annie asked the fairy, “Why don’t you also turn into a mermaid and escape?”. The fairy sadly replied, “I cannot change my form till I am captive”. The kids promised to free her.
They started searching and found the doll in a chest under the giant’s bed. Annie was about to destroy the doll when she heard the dragon’s roar. She dropped the doll in fright and fled, with the dragon in hot pursuit. The bewildered mermaid did not know what to do. The dragon caught her and was about to breathe fire on her when there was a cloud of smoke and poof…. the dragon disappeared. Jack swam to Annie and told her that he had destroyed the doll and thus, the dragon had vanished.
The fairy became free and she granted a boon to Annie and Jack that they could use the chants to turn themselves into a mermaid and merman whenever they wanted. The kids were overjoyed and thanked the fairy. The next day, Annie and Jack set out to …...

By Varenya

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  1. Good story,we really enjoyed reading it over it more than once.

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