Thursday, November 8, 2012

See Like You Never Saw!

Our individual personalities and memories shape the way we perceive the world. For this session our facilitator read and discussed a diverse selection of poems that explore the Point of View element in creative writing by encouraging us to develop new personae through cues and exercises, and record those memories and feelings that are closest to us.

My day at the sweet shop

I wandered of into the sweet shop
And there, right on the top
Was the yummiest sweet I saw-
They looked like bears
Yellow, green, red and blue
On big shelves set up by the sweet shop crew!
Right next to me
Was something that would last me a century!
A long big red rope
With colourful dots on it
Avoiding people’s feet- Oh what a task!
I got ready
For my long journey
To reach to the colourful bears
An hour or two later
I was standing right there!
I dived into the jar
Oh now please don’t disturb me,
I’m trying to have a feast!

  ~ By Ira


  1. I really like the poem, Ira. Maybe if you write another poem you could make every line rhyme.

  2. I like the idea of that story