Friday, October 19, 2012

Seek And Ye Shall Find

For our very first session our facilitator took us to 3 different spots in our class building. She told us to write down our observations and feelings in those places. We observed the people, the physical appearance of the place, the smells and the sounds. After coming back to the classroom, we used our observations about those 3 places in our story to set the beginning, middle and end. 

Three New Places

My journey began on the plain cream-coloured wall. I was on a painting which was placed on a wall. I did have quite a few companions but all fell off the painting and rolled away somewhere. Every day I heard people’s chitter-chatter, some in Hindi, some in Marathi and sometimes even in English. Sometimes, sweepers would come with their mops and clean the staircase while singing the latest Hindi songs in town. The garbage the sweepers would carry up and down would leave a stinky smell for endless number of hours. Soon, just like my other companions, I too started becoming loose. Before I knew it, I was off the painting too. From there I rolled down the steps and landed in an unknown place that looked like the ground floor of the building. I wasn’t used to the bright sunlight but I managed. From then, my life has changed. Every day I would see a machine that released water with a lot a pressure. It was used for cleaning the floor. Also, I lay opposite the restaurant, so I could smell lots of yummy food. This place was more like a city for me. One day, a really small child saw me and picked me up. She dragged me to a whole new place and just left me there. I could see myself everyday as there were two mirrors facing me. This place wasn’t at all like the first place I had stayed at. There were about six to seven doors and I would see people walking in and out of those rooms. I felt a little down in the dumps over there because there wasn’t any sunlight. Well after all, I’m only a doll. All I have to do is wait for my new destination.

~By Ira

The Three Places 

Lila walked near the stairs. As she looked around, she saw a huge painting on the wall. On that painting were seated two puppets. She walked a few steps up and saw that the wall above her was peeling off. She observed that people kept going up and the stairs talking constantly in a language she didn’t know. She walked up some more and saw that people were looking out of the window and after a few minutes she left. As she was walking down the stairs to go the ground floor she heard quiet Indian music in the background.
Once she reached the ground floor she caught the sight of the cleaners. They were cleaning the floor with a huge machine that was spraying water. As she walked ahead, she saw a huge, long table which was extremely dirty. She wondered when the cleaners would clean that. When she turned her head she saw many cars honking on the road. Just then she saw a bunch of tourists who were holding water bottles. She realized that she had forgotten her own bottle upstairs! 
When Lila reached there, she saw two large glass mirrors. Here again she could hear Indian music. Lila personally thought that it was very dark and damp. She realized that it was getting late and picked up her bottle and went home. 

~ By Kripa

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