Friday, October 19, 2012

Before Birth, After Life

Myths are stories that are created by a culture to explain how or why things came to be the way they are today. They tell of a time when the world was only partially developed, and things that we know today were only coming into being then. During this session, we were introduced to Origin Myths from a number of different cultures. After reading various stories and becoming familiar with

the themes and patterns of Myths our facilitator gave us special cues with which we composed our own origin myths.

Our facilitator read to us many Fables to familiarize us with the elements of Fables and the devices used to write them- the use of animals to signify human traits, the ‘lesson’ these stories try to teach us. We then thought of issues that are important to us, and created “contemporary fables” of our own around those issues.

Story -1
Lion, Hyena, leopard

     Lion, Hyena and Leopard were best friends. Nobody dared to ask them to be their best friend too.
     Once Hyena went on a holiday with her family. She sent a post card saying- “I am getting thoroughly bored without you two.” On the rest of the post card was drawn a huge sad face.
      The other two had a difficult time without Hyena but some how managed. They went for movies and played loads of games.
      A few days later Lion and Leopard received a post card saying-“ I have found a new best friend! Hooray!”

Moral: Do not have a Hyena as a best friend because you know he or she will betray you.

~ By Ira

Story -2
The Hippo and its behavior

     Hippo – one of the laziest animal in the river. Once upon a time Hippo used to be the king of the river. He used to order his meals as if he was sitting at a restaurant. ‘A tuna sandwich’ or ‘A sea weed pepper sandwich used to be his favorite.
     Once he arranged a meeting and called all the animals for it. They decided to have I over lunch the next day. “I need you all to be there on time. Anyone who is late shall be punished.” The following day everyone came on time. The hippo was so lazy that he himself forgot about it.
     So from that day, the Hippo came across to be the laziest animal in the river and fish the friskiest.

~ By Ira

The Lizard’s Tail

It is said that earlier lizards did not have a tail. There is a story behind how the lizard got its tail and why it does not die when you cut off its tail.
Once there was a lizard who had laid two eggs. One of these was eaten up by a vulture. The lizard guarded the remaining lone egg very closely.
One day, an eagle swooped down to eat the other egg. But the lizard was on her guard and managed to keep the eagle away from its egg. However, in this process, some feathers of the eagle fell near the egg.
The next day, a tiny lizard came out of the egg. Some feathers of the eagle that were lying around, got stuck to the baby lizard. Thus, the lizard’s tail was formed.
This is why it is said that even if you cut off the tail of the lizard, it will not die. Why? Because it will find another feather to stick on and make its tail.

~By Varenya

The Koala Bear, The Sloth Bear and The Polar Bear

Once upon a time, there were three amazing friends named Koli who was a koala bear, Peanut who was a polar bear and Sifu who was a sloth bear. Everyday they played and laughed, even had meals together… until one fine day Sifu and Peanut realized that Koli had this really nasty habit of smoking! It got worse and worse by the day. It became so bad that even in Bearloo School Koli could not help himself from smoking! Sifu and Peanut kept the secret to themselves for over two whole months and finally decided to write a letter to Mrs. Bear. The letter said-

Dear Mrs. Bear,
Your son Koli has been Smoking very often. Kindly don’t shout at him. We, as his friends just
wanted you to know.

Signed :Sifu and Peanut.

Mrs. Bear spoke to Koli, took him to the counselor to check his health. Koli realized that it was his best friends who had betrayed him and did not talk to them for several weeks. At the end of those weeks, Koli realized the good that his friends did for him. He thanked them profusely and to celebrate he took them for a vacation to BEAR FUN HOTEL! He then said ‘Telling  my   parents was the best thing you could have ever done for me!’

Moral: Good friends would do the right thing.

~ By Kripa


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  2. Thank you. We are glad you are enjoying our stories. We are on a break from today and come back only on the 21st of November. We will definitely stop by your blog. Look forward to our comments.

    ~Ms. Suba
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